Canine Hydrotherapy.

Canine Hydrotherapy.

In the Hydrotherapy pool, the buoyancy of the water enables dogs that are in pain walking on land to use their limbs more freely. This helps them to increase muscle tone and to make their day-to-day lives on land easier and less painful.

The water is heated to a therapeutic 28-30 degrees Celsius, helping to relax muscles and relieve stiffness in the joints. If massage is to be used it will be integrated within the session once the heat of the water has relaxed the joints.

The water in the pool is constantly filtered and tested 3 times daily to ensure that it is perfectly safe for your dog to enjoy. Hydrotherapy is also a beneficial pre-operative, for example before a hip replacement, when muscle tone can be improved around the affected joints to aid recovery after surgery. Hydrotherapy is also an excellent, fun and safe form of exercise for a healthy dog wanting to maintain a good level of cardiovascular fitness or needing a little weight management – This can also be provided with a full nutritional plan.

For dogs with more serious mobility problems, we take it at their pace, monitor them carefully and can adapt programmes accordingly. The spa, after swimming, is the perfect place to relax stiff muscles and joints and boost circulation.

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